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Eric Owen Moss Architects is
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‘Making it New’ –the aspiration to uncover new ways to think, to feel, to see, and to understand architecture – is the departure point for Eric Owen Moss Architects.

We’re convinced the world renews itself, and that architecture has the capacity to offer alternative venues as human affairs continue to be re-imagined.

We avoid traditional organization strategies, standardized design solutions, and any notion of architecture as simply a repetitive style.

We scrutinize the cultural context searching for opportunities to express the rare human experience, continuously exchange views with our clients and larger constituencies regarding strategic options and concomitant costs, and carefully examine the physiology of each site for design options that surprise.

Building has an obligation, always larger than itself, to the city and the culture it intends to join.

We are fascinated both by individual buildings, and that evolving inter-relationship between building and city.

We continue to interrogate that urban/building exchange in a search/research of alternative design tactics, methods, and techniques that will obligate and modify both building and city.

We are intent on discovering methods that bring our clients’ projects to public prominence, as they simultaneously resolve multiple problems — social and cultural, technical and environmental, economic and political — and open up rare human perspectives in pursuit of an advanced architecture and urban condition.

Over the last 38 years Eric Owen Moss Architects has designed a variety of award-winning buildings that continue to re- shape the discourse of international architecture.

That never ending “what is architecture?” discussion continues to manifest itself in the Eric Owen Moss office in the production of new city plans, the design of new building, and exhibits, lectures, publications, and teaching around the world.

Together we can continue to make it new.