Culver City, California


Retail Complex with Restaurants, Parking for 775


50,000 square feet, 43' tall.


2009 - Current

Key Staff

Dolan Daggett, Melissa Peter, Vanessa Jauregui, Herbert Ng

Key Consultants

Environmental: Sirius Environmental

Traffic: KOA Corporation


R+D Award, A Surface of Points, 2008.

The Parking Structure project for 8511 Warner Drive will provide much needed parking for local area businesses existing within the Hayden Tract. The project will also serve the local community by providing a modest amount of retail amenities that are currently lacking in the area.

Over the last 50 years, the Hayden Tract has slowly transitioned from a light industrial/manufacturing district to a vibrant commercial/creative office area. During this transition, however, certain industrial buildings were converted to office use without providing additional parking. The resulting parking shortage has impacted both local businesses and area residents whose streets have become increasingly used for overflow parking. This fact is compounded by the relative lack of retail amenities within the Tract which obligate employees to drive outside of the area, often through residential neighborhoods, for lunch, shopping, etc.

The Parking Structure project will be a good neighbor and an asset to the community by helping to alleviate the existing parking demand in the neighborhood. The structure will contain approximately 784 parking spaces; 242 will replace the capacity of the existing surface lot, 218 spaces will serve new on-site retail amenities, and the balance of approximately 324 spaces will alleviate the shortage of parking availability within the Tract. The structure will be designed to conceal much of the parking from public view by locating over two-thirds of all parking below grade, at considerable cost to the project. Since existing demand for offstreet parking exceeds 784 spaces, we are working with Culver City to see if additional underground spaces can be secured and provided.

The overall project will fit into the existing fabric of the Hayden Tract by conforming to all Culver City Municipal Code requirements, eg. setbacks, height limits, parking, landscape and lighting requirements. In addition to the parking, 41,520 sf. of specialty retail and 10,000 sf. of quality restaurant space will be included on one below-grade and two above-grade levels. At a floor area ratio (FAR) of only .68 to 1, the density of this development is well below that permitted by code. For reference, the parcel area is 75,600 sf.

Finally, the Parking Structure project will offer additional community benefit by providing a 2,500 sf. exterior courtyard, which will be open to the public, and which will be partially covered by an unprecedented glass roof canopy designed to fulfill Culver City’s Art in Public Places requirement. The project will also offer many sustainable building concepts such as a ‘green’ roof over the retail components to reduce heating and cooling loads, reduce and filter pollutants from storm-water run off, and reduce the urban heat island effect. Interiors will offer natural day-lighting and natural ventilation throughout.