West Hollywood, California


Office, Restaurant, LED Billboard


7,500 square feet

Key Staff

Eric McNevin, Raul Garcia, Violetta Smart, Michael Robin, Bohong Qiu

Located along the eastern edge of the ubiquitous Sunset Strip, a new building integrates site, building, and billboard. The building becomes the sign, and vice-versa.
Three-dimensional screens wrap around the corner to form the south- and east-facing façade of the building, maximizing views going either west on Sunset Boulevard, or north on Sweetzer Avenue. Both the building façade and the sign panels share the same surface. The sign’s shape and multiplanar surface are integrated into the building façade to offer a wide range of possibilities for advertisers to use the 1,500 square feet of commercial ad space.

The lower portion of the front facade is moved inward to open up a large pedestrian gathering area at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue. As the site slopes upward a view terrace and stepped landscape provide wide vistas overlooking Los Angeles to the south.