Guadalajara, Mexico





Key Staff

Eric Owen Moss – Principal, Lead Designer
Eric McNevin
Jose Herrasti

Site Organization

The Street of Commerce and Culture runs east/west, connecting the Cinneplex/Commercial area west of the Library with the Childrens' Museum to the east.

Perpendicular to that street, running north/south, is the Calle de Los Libros, which links Periferico Avenuewith the public square. Looking through the clerestory glass the public street procession views the Library lobby, information desk, reference area and cultural exhibits in the space below the street.

A covered plaza, raised a half level above grade joins the two streets, and provides a huge, covered space for public presentations, exhibitions, and large gatherings. The plaza overlooks the square, and is surrounded on three sides by shops, restaurants and interior exhibit space promoting library events.


The main Library lobby, primary circulation desk and reference area is a half level below grade, entered directly from the public square or from the streets and raised plaza above.

Interior Library circulation is directed electronically from the main lobby east or west to the 2 elevator/escalator banks, delivering passengers directly to the 8 "information" blocks where the collections are housed above.

Service circulation/book delivery connects the service level below the main lobby by elevator to work stations in each Information Block above.

Information Blocks

Each Information Block holds stacks, reading room space, and both hard copy and digital facilities for locating and reproducing information. Blocks are connected with media/seminar/conference rooms that span between the blocks.

Streets in the Sky

The public moves horizontally within elevated, glass enclosed "streets" that connect the Information Blocks with the elevator cores.

Sky Plaza

A spacious upper public plaza, accessed by elevators, escalators, and the Streets in the Sky, overlooks the square to the south, and serves as a primary open air venue for presentations and cultural or learning exhibitions, both night and day. TheSkyPlazais also available as an outdoor reading space.

The Sun

To maximize sunlight in theSkyPlaza, the adjoining Information Block roofs are shaped precisely to control the direction of sunlight in the plaza. Major public spaces -- a theatre, multipurpose spaces, and restaurants -- utilize the top spaces in each of the blocks adjoining the sky plaza, so that events in all 8 blocks at the top of the library can spill out onto the open plaza.

The Magic Glass

The building skin is a sophisticated combination of glass panels, some integrating photo voltaic cells for the production of electrical energy, and film and signage projection surfaces with views, and sun control, and the management of heat and light. The glass panels will have varying degrees of transparency, translucency, and opacity, depending on sun exposure, view requirements, and energy conservation and projection needs.