San Francisco, California


Jewish Museum


60,000 square feet




1st Place Competition Entry

The Contemporary Jewish Museum project involves the adaptive reuse of the long-abandoned historic Jessie Street Power Substation located off Mission Street in the heart of Southern San Francisco's burgeoning Yerba Buena cultural district. According to the Museum's vision statement, 'With the new building, the 20-year-old Contemporary Jewish Museum continues its evolution from a small, community-based art museum into a major cultural facility, reflected by an expanded mission. At the heart of the Museum’s activities are its exhibition and educational programs, which expand its commitment to presenting Jewish perspectives on culture, history, art, and ideas to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.'

The original competition for this culturally significant project was won by Eric Owen Moss Architects in 1997. The material presented documents this original 'sketchbook' presentation of ideas, thoughts, and aspirations for a project both site specific and universal.